CAR-T Operations Technician

Do you have what it takes to become a Legend in innovative and life-saving cell therapies? Then join our pioneering Operations Team, redefining biotech. Here, every day is an opportunity to contribute to the fight against life-threatening diseases. Looking for a meaningful first job? Look no further!

What can you expect?

The job of a CAR-T Operations Technician is very challenging, and includes the following tasks and responsibilities, among others:

  • Conduct CAR-T process operations: You drive daily CAR-T operations in a cleanroom environment (grade A, B, C, D), adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. From cell culture, purification and aseptic processing to cryopreservation, your work supports critical clinical and commercial milestones.
  • Quality compliance: You adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and batch records with precision. Your meticulous recording of production data upholds the quality and safety standards essential for our groundbreaking therapies.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: You establish seamless collaborations across multiple departments, including Planning, MS&T, OPEX, QC,… to complete production tasks according to a shift
  • Innovation and improvement: You engage in the continuous enhancement of manufacturing processes alongside the MS&T and OPEX teams. Your contributions to process optimizations drive efficiencies within our CAR-T Operations.
  • Environmental monitoring: You control and maintain the GMP production areas, focusing on equipment and facility cleanliness and environmental monitoring. Your efforts ensure a safe and compliant manufacturing environment.
  • GMP documentation: You diligently complete all required GMP documentation, from batch records to equipment logs, ensuring compliance and traceability. Your attention to detail in this area is paramount for both internal audits and regulatory compliance.
  • Operational excellence: You utilize various manufacturing execution systems to support production efficiency. Your ability to navigate and implement systems like eLiMS, MES, and SAP is crucial for streamlining our operations.

Working in an aseptic environment entails that you must also wear sterile clothing. Furthermore, we work in a shift regime, no nights but weekends

Who are we looking for?

This is the ideal first job for people who want to make a career in biotechnology. More important than our wish list below is your drive and enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

What do we offer?

About Legend Biotech

Legend Biotech is a global biotechnology company developing, manufacturing, and commercializing innovative and life-saving cell therapies in the fight against diseases that are considered intractable and incurable, including cancer.

Since our establishment in 2014 in Somerset, New Jersey, we have grown into a company of more than 1,800 employees spread across six manufacturing units worldwide. Two of these are in Ghent: Obelisc (Technologie Park, Zwijnaarde) and Tech Lane (Eilandje Zwijnaarde)

In Ghent, Legend Biotech focuses on producing its advanced CAR-T therapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma, a common but difficult-to-treat blood cancer, and on bringing this live-saving therapy to patients in Europe and far beyond.

Creating hope and new opportunities for patients and contributing to a future where all cancers are curable is what everyone drives here at Legend Biotech, regardless of their role or function.

Apply now and join us in our mission to transform the world of oncology and medicine, one patient at a time.

Want some additional information?

Don't hesitate to contact Thaella!

Thaella Van Den Rijse

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